Introducing Urban Recruits!

Welcome to the Urban Recruits’ blog series! By olim, for olim, this blog series is to help new citizens navigate the Israeli job market. Speaking to recruitment and HR professionals, we’re here to give you the inside scoop on how job hunting here might be similar or different from the job searching experiences you might have had in your native country. Depending on where you are in your search, you may be asking yourself: where would I even start my Israeli job search? How might I tweak my CV? What should I expect for the interview process? What ‘culture shocks’ might I face once I start working in Israel? We look forward to getting to all those questions, but before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s back up a bit to talk about what Urban Recruits is and how we might help to consult and cheer you on during this exciting transition to life in Israel.


What is Urban Recruits?

Our Story:
Making aliyah from South Africa, the UK, and the US, Urban Recruits’ co-founders, respectively, came to Israel looking to start a new life and with that to pursue new career opportunities. Each coming from their own unique cultural background, they all could relate to what seemed like a common issue amongst the new immigrant community; olim did not have a central organization to assist them with their job searches.

Doing some old-fashioned Biz Dev, they reached out to numerous companies who were looking to hire English and foreign language speakers to sell or market cool Israeli technology to other countries. Asking them if they would be interested in working with a recruitment company with a hub of international candidates, they received an overwhelming response of, “Yes!”. Within 6 months, Urban Recruits had set up shop and was up and running as Tel Aviv’s premier recruitment company for olim looking to use their foreign language and education to get hired in Israel.

Since its inception in 2012, Urban Recruits has partnered with 200+ companies and has helped find work for 1,000+ olim in Israel. Not only does Urban Recruits recruit and screen candidates, but we also provide support and professional consulting to olim. We’ve been where you are, and we’re here to make your transition to living and working in Israel as seamless as possible.


Introducing URblog: 
Moving to Israel and looking for work can be daunting to some, but don’t fret! In our bi-weekly blog posts, we hope to answer all of your FAQs about the Israeli recruitment process. We look forward to giving you the best advice we can find, from recruits who have worked both in Israel and abroad, alongside HR managers, and organizational consultants.

Have any burning questions you want us to answer? We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email at info[at] with "URblog" in the subject line.

Until next time,