The Perks of Finding a Job in Israel


When looking for a job, one must be open to all options. Job searching in Israel is quite unique. As it is known to be the start up nation, it is a central place for growth and learning. In Israel, interviewers look for candidates who are flexible, creative and hardworking. You might be asked to have an interview in a coffee shop and will feel as if you are chatting with a close friend. The relationship with your coworkers is very casual which enables you to work in a close knit environment. In order to look for a job, you must research and take into account what jobs are currently trending. For example, since the 21st century, social media is booming. However, government related positions are more limited and require more specific research into a smaller pool of companies.


If you are looking to work in a field that is limited, you need to connect yourself with the right people and resources. In order to connect yourself to the right people and places, you have to make sure your CV and LinkedIn profile are up to date. Social Media is a primary guiding tool for finding the right job and LinkedIn will become your new BFF! Be open to adding yourself to groups that are of interest to your job search and feel free to add people on Facebook that can potentially guide you into the right professional path. Connections are everything!


As mentioned earlier, the job search in Israel is very unique. It feels very casual and close-knit which is a positive thing! This allows you to create close connections with interviewers, potential co-workers and the social media community. Israel’s start up nation allows the country to strive on young, creative people who have an idea. The perks of this country is the fast growing pace of companies and the ability to find a job that specifically caters to your needs. There is a vast amount of available jobs ranging from various fields which allows you to personalize your job search and potentially create a new position for yourself in a company!


Urban Recruits is here to guide you through this process. We can direct you to available positions, interesting groups on social media, and important people in your field!