Job hunting during COVID-19: Why now is the time to level up, not give up

The seemingly endless stream of news about the coronavirus outbreak may lead you to think that you should pause your job search, but this would be a mistake.

The reason being that eventually there will be an end to the pandemic and if you take yourself out of the process, someone else may take that job you would otherwise get. Smart employers will use this time to build pipelines for future jobs. They know that many “passive” candidates are now working from home and may have time to apply to their open positions, something they could never while working in a fulltime office role.

Instead of giving up, consider these tips to help you stay motivated in your job search.

1. You’re probably experiencing delays in the typical process as recruiters and job seekers alike are being more cautious as they adjust to this new normal. It’s a time when people are less likely to want to meet face-to-face. 
This is where technology saves us! Phone and video interviews are on the rise. Coronavirus is nudging employers to be more accepting of remote work and flexible schedules. Similarly, job seekers are being asked to interview virtually. You should be prepared to polish-up your digital interview skills. 

2. CV writing is time-consuming and, let’s face it, a bit of a chore, even for those who can string a few good words together on occasion. It’s never easy talking about yourself, or recounting all your life’s work (literally) in one page. Now you have the time to give your CV the attention it deserves. Research shows that most employers spend less than 30 seconds reading a CV. Even this may be overstating it. First impressions are critical to success, so make your CV stand out from the crowd!

3. In order to stay competitive in this job market, you’ve got to keep your skills "up to date" and constantly think about ways to expand your know-how. If you've been wanting to learn some new skills but haven't found the time to do so, now's your chance. From Mandarin language classes to computer programming bootcamps and digital marketing workshops, there’s a course for almost everything. Plus, many classes are offered for free online. It’s never been easier to learn a new skill and get ahead in your job search.

4. During times like these, being active on social media is more important than ever. Share and comment on articles of interest with your work community. Join discussion groups and become part of the virtual conversation. This is a great way to connect with others, network and communicate without having to travel or share space with one another. Don't forget to help your friends out with their job searches by tagging them or sending them relevant job opportunities you may come across during your search  - remember, we are all in this together! 

5. Sign up on Urban Recruit's new job portal. Take the time to fill out your profile, listing all your skills and experience and enjoy the benefits of the "Smart Search" function which matches your skills with current open positions, which are updated weekly. You can directly apply to as many jobs as you like, and companies using the platform will be able to contact you directly with job offers. Applying for jobs has never been easier.