Tips on boosting your Linkedin profile

As the world has been continuously preoccupied with COVID-19 worries, taking the time to improve something that is in your control is essential. Using the excessive down time that COVID-19 has brought us to work on boosting and advancing your professional career, is both important and valuable! Today’s thread is dedicated to your LinkedIn profile.


Your LinkedIn profile page is the base for you to brand yourself as the perfect candidate for recruiters and can be seen as your ‘personal hub’. A great LinkedIn profile leaves the viewer curious to get to know more about you leading to a new connection, which is the ultimate goal! Optimizing your profile increases your chances for professionals to get your name and face, an essential aspect in the job search!


Here 5 simple tips to boost your LinkedIn profile:


1. Add an appropriate profile picture and background photo

Your profile picture sets the first impression viewers get of you, so it is recommended to pick the right one. The profile picture should be recent, mainly taken up by your beautiful face, and smile with your eyes. A background picture is another attention grabber to make your profile memorable, as it provides more context to the viewer about your personality and/or what interests you.


2. Use keywords and within your profile and descriptions

Adding various skills to your profile creates a new group of prospects to view and engage with you. Adding relevant hashtags to keep your profile updated with words related to your desired jobs can boost profile views. Keep in mind that recruiters tend to search for candidates with necessary keywords and skills, so using those in your skills and description increases the likelihood to catch the recruiter’s attention towards your profile!


3. Continuously expand your network

An easy yet essential way to boost your LinkedIn is simply growing your network. Having a high number of connections allows for more opportunities through more people engaging with your publications, allowing for a unique profile. This includes following relevant influencers in your desired industry, in order to view interesting content on your feed and possibly share engage with content that has added value. This lets recruiters get to know your passion, through the context within your profile.


4. Take a skills assessment

A skills assessment is an online test measuring your level of skills, and once passing it a Verified Skills badge is displayed on your profile. This proves to recruiters your ability in excelling in the necessary skill, solely strengthening your profile.


5. Complete your profile

Add in several sections that LinkedIn provides to be visible on your profile, such as your posts, volunteering, language, honors and awards, and many more. Utilizing these sections personalizes your profile enabling recruiters to know you on a deeper level, which can create more opportunities for you and gain new connections.


These are just a few of the basics to boost your LinkedIn profile to make yourself look amazing, impress your connections and hopefully gain a job! Remember your excellent profile impacts your chance on getting that desired job, so start updating your profile to showcase your positive self!


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Have fun with it!


Written by: Shir Abargel