Networking through Volunteering in Israel

Volunteering in Israel helps you to meet a wide range of people who can connect you with interesting job opportunities throughout the country! Volunteering is a great way to explore Israel and meet other people who might play an important role in helping you find a job.

What are some examples of volunteering options in Israel?

There are many programs available to Jews living outside of Israel who want to spend a period of time living and volunteering their time in Israel. Onward Israel, Masa, Birthright Excel, and Destination Israel are just a few examples of programs that incorporate unpaid internships into the experience of living in Israel. One of the reasons that these programs are so valuable is that they immediately connect you with a wide network of people as soon as you step off the plane.

Why is networking important in Israel?

In today’s day and age, networking is a pivotal part of the job seeking process. While it might seem uncomfortable to use your network to help you find a job, it is actually completely normal and is more and more often the way in which people find jobs. It is important to reach out to anyone you know who might be able to help you find a job. There are no negatives to meeting with someone for coffee, whether that be with a family member, a friend, or someone you connected with on social media.

How does volunteering in Israel help you network?

Interning is a very popular form of volunteering in Israel. By interning, in addition to exploring a specific industry, you have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with your colleagues. The people that you work with, whether they are fellow interns or actual employees, will become an important network for you. It is common that you can be hired to work for the company that you interned for, but even if you do not continue to work there after you finish your internship, the people you meet there will be very important in helping you find a job. Whether it is through reference letters or connecting you with other people who they know, internships and the people you meet through them will absolutely help you in your job search.

Why is volunteering through a program beneficial?

By coming to Israel through a volunteer program, you automatically have an advantage over people who come to Israel alone in terms of networking. These programs usually have anywhere from 15 to 40 other people on them who immediately become a part of your network. Also, many of these programs have several groups that you will be connected with. For example, Onward Israel has breakout sessions and seminars that are opportunities to network with the participants of other programs. In addition, when you come to Israel through a program, they help connect you with an internship that matches up with your interests.