The Importance of Networking

Like any other country in the world, networking in Israel can only help you! If you have any possible connections you should pursue them; you never know what will come of a simple coffee meeting. You may think that getting a job on your connections is a bad thing, but in Israel, your connections may be the thing that gets you the job!

Who should you talk to?

Everybody! Talk to your family members, friends, and even people you meet on Facebook! While other countries may not use Facebook as a tool for job hunting, in Israel, you should take advantage of Facebook and join all the job search groups you can. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to specific niches based on a field, native country, or language. Feel free to request access to those groups, you’ll find plenty of people who have been in your shoes and can help steer you in the right direction. Groups can sometimes advertise outting or networking events. We would encourage you to attend any events or meetings those groups offer that you think could advance your search.

Linkedin: Your new BFF

Linkedin is also a great platform to search for people in your professional circle. Check out that company you thought sounded interesting and shoot a message to their HR manager. Don’t be shy to send messages and reach out to other professionals. Sometimes people will include their email address on their pages, giving you the opportunity to contact them with any questions you might have. Many times HR managers will post new job opportunities directly to their page, it’s a great way to know what sort of positions companies are looking to hire for. Linkedin will suggest potential connections, take advantage of it! You may scroll through the list and think that you’ve been out of touch with many of them, but that’s OK! Linkedin is different from Facebook in that there’s no ‘rules’ in who can should and shouldn’t connect with. Every link counts when networking online, and an old friend could lead to being in touch with a potential employer.

Coffee Meeting

In the US, when you meet someone to grab a coffee this is known as an informational interview. This meeting occurs when someone works in the professional field that you are interested in. You might have only met someone once or twice, or perhaps you’ve never met them, but their experience in a particular field of interest could give you great insight about that field in Israel. While in a real interview you want to be prepared for tough questions (e.g. about your past work experiences, your strengths and weaknesses, etc.), during an informational interview, this is a much more relaxed setting. Make sure to bring a copy of your CV with you, this person might be able to give you certain tips and tricks about what to include of your resume or who the big players and companies you should be looking into. If you hit it off with this person, maybe they will help recommend you to a specific company/put in a good word for you which could land you a job!

We’re here for you!

Of course, we at Urban Recruits want to be a resource in helping you networking adventures! We have many companies we’re in contact with from a variety of fields, and we can help advise you in understanding the best way to network for your profession. Feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] with “URblog” in the subject line.

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