The Importance of Social Media During Your Job Search

The amount of engagement and sharing of one's life especially now, is at an all time high.
Unfortunately so is the amount of people searching for a new job. 
Recruiters and employers are receiving more CVs than ever and are looking for quick ways to scan through candidates.  More often than not, they will check your social media profiles to get a better impression of who you are and how you could fit into their company culture. 
Here are some quick tips on how to clean up your social media during your job search.
1. Google yourself
- Perform an Incognito search so you can see unbiased results of yourself and how much of your personal information is showing. 
2. Make personal accounts more secure
- Check your privacy settings and limit who can see your posts, tags and timelines on all social networks.
3. Keep professional accounts public
- If you don't have Linkedin and Urban Recruits professional job profiles , CREATE ONE and make sure that you fill it out in order to best reflect your skills and accomplishments. These are free  lucrative tools that you can use this to your advantage.  
Be a good friend and feel free to tag your friends on the hunt!
- Hana Wimberly