Thinking Forward

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Tough question, huh?

One thing I've noticed while discussing career options with job seekers, is that sometimes you focus only on the short term objective of finding a job for right now, and don't think about where you want to be in the long run.

What I realized is that people who are more certain about what they want, often find a position faster (and of course, are usually happier in the the role they find!).

Hiring managers tend to favour candidates who are confident and certain about their career paths, choosing to move forward with a convinced candidate over someone who applied for different (and not related) jobs at the same company.

 The ideal profile will be someone who sees themselves growing in the company, passionate about the work and willing to learn new skills that will help him get better in the role, instead of a candidate who will leave after a few months.

It can be challenging to visualize yourself in the future and understand what road you should take in order to get there. But it’s very important when you are looking for your next challenge to know in which direction you ultimately want to go.

What I strongly recommend is to take some time to think about your career goals, to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, skills and ambitions before sending your CV to a company. Research what is out there, look at the job openings and job descriptions to see what do you see yourself doing in the future.

Only once you have everything figured out, create a version of your CV that best presents you and will help you achieve your goal, and start applying! 
Good luck!!!