CV Tips to Help You Master the Israeli Job Market

In my career as a recruiter I have come across many high skilled people struggling to find a job in Israel when making the transition from abroad. So here some tips to keep in mind when you are preparing your CV for a successful job hunt:


You may be used to writing an entire whole biography in your CV, but here in Israel your CV should be no longer than one page. Scary, huh? Try to think about the relevancy of your experience, and only keep the information that may help you find your desired challenge. (+ be smart with your design!)


Account Manager? Customer Support? Customer Service? Are you confused with all the names? Not all the titles have the same meaning in every country!

 Find the one that best describes your experience and fits your skill set as reflected on your CV so that the hiring manager will know what exactly you can do.


As I said before, it is likely that not all of your past experience will be relevant for the position you want to get hired in. So think about which skills and responsibilities you had in the past that can align with those outlined in the job description and make sure your CV highlights them. It is okay to adjust your CV for different jobs. 

DO RESEARCH! Invest time on it!

Your CV is a small reflection of you, and is the first step in the hiring process. Make sure it impresses the hiring manager, spend time on it, be proud of it and show the recruiters and hiring managers that you are ready to start working in the Israeli market!!!

Good luck!

Tatiana Miodownik